What is Loopholes In WPS system ?Wifi hacking……explained!!!

Hello guys , today i will come with another interesting topic Wifi hacking ,today we shall talk about this WPS system wifi hacking SO without any wait lets start a topic.Guys i have many question in indx but the most frequent question is how we can hack the wifi ,it easy or not if it is easy how we can do it or what are the device we to hack the otherwise ,these are the common question which is my inbox, i cant teach you about hacking because it is prohibited to google policies but today i will talk about the WPS ,WPS weak availity and how to hacker use these wps setting  moreover how to give away from this system.

Guys if you will remember then you setup wifi,firstly you go in wifi palate and on you your wifi and set a security setup which is WEP,WPA,WPA2-PSK  which is latest and i will recommended you to set WPA2-PSK (wifi protected access pre shared key) and next step is to difficult password setup

and my recommendation is to set alteat 10 to 12 password key which includes both capital normal,and numeric key  after setting full security you will have doubt that neighbor will hack your wifi but guys how it is possible . The problem main p is WPS (wifi protected system)in this you can use WPS button or WPS pin .this both function is available at on the wifi router.


The main function of WPS is make easy to connect wifi for example your 10 friend visit in your house they wanted connect your wifi in that case it difficult to connect because your password have 15 pins even you cant remember it in that case you press button in router which will allow the user to connect the wifi without any password for the particular time period or you can tell WPS pin which is written on router without telling their actual password moreover this wps setting has disadvantages that is by default your WPS system is on and if it is on it is very easy to exploit .Lets talk about the WPS pin which of 8 pin  but basically it have 7 pin but 8th pin is for confirmation guys that 8 pin password which accept by router in two stage if your 4 digits is match by with WPS password then it will allow you to enter next WPS digit guys you think 8 digit pin password is strong that is not strong it cannot be stand in front of your actual password for example if try 0000 to 9999 series i  will break first four digits in ten thousand attempt and remain 3 number i will achieve in one thousand attempts means in 11000 attempts hacker will enter in your wifi network and the second method which button press if any person have physically reached to your router will easily connect to your wifi network .

So safest method is to go in your wifi panel and disable the WPS setting because and person will connect through your WPS setting will easily hack your actual password

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The Biggest Memory Problem Solved!!!!! why we get 29.8GB from 32GB pendrive, memory card ? where that memory goes ? Explained!!!!!!!

Hello guys , Today I will come with new interesting topic i think so most important topic that is about the memory in hard drive memory cards pen drive  let’s start this interesting topic

 Guys you will buy different type of storage device for ex. you buy a 32gb pendrive you have notice the storage of that device in mobile phones and computer that 29.8 gb or you get 64gb pendrive you will get  less storage  if talk about the mobile phone ram that is also show less memory moreover if we talk about the hard drive if it is 500gb you will get 460,470 gb is available to use the question is arises that where was the that storage go?

Guys you will listen from your friends ,teacher or any expert that, that storage is for system driver or for any important files or any type of computer software but you will absorb that you cannot get satisfactory answer today i will give knowledge about this topic so tune with topic.

Guys we will study in school that ,

8bit=1 byte

1024 bytes=1kb




and so on…

guys you notice that 24,24 come repeatedly if we should multiply 24×24 you get random number. Manufacture will do that they will ignore the 24,24 series  and according to them storage units are

8bit=1 Byte

1000 Bytes=1Kb




and so on….

Guys you will notice that they not consider 24 series but in first case OS operation is performed or whole world will follow and in second case it show how the manufacturing is performed ,lets us we check the difference between both cases .

let us consider a 32 gb pendrive you will get 29.8 gb in it .



In above photo i shall solve the 32GB storage by mathematically to show you that how the manufacturers manufacture any memory card pen drive ram etc .

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More RAM or better RAM ?Are we thinking right?? # Explained

Hello guys, I will come with new topic that is more RAM or better RAM?Stay tune with me .

Guys in today world we shall talk about the smart phones computers it’s battery backup features apps software and RAM etc. RAM is a thing which is easily understandable like 1GB,2Gb,3GB etc and we take decisions on basis of their numbers for example RAM we should think that more will be the ram better will be the performances normally people take decisions on this number.

Guys take time and think whether be will need more RAM means in your practical work whether you need the more RAM for example you want to build the computer for gaming and almost all games will played in 8GB RAM but no we need the best we need 32Gb RAM etc but guys take a time to think whether the 8GB RAM or 32gb RAM will create any type of differences answer is no for example

You will sitting around desk and consider as you will the processor and desk consider as RAM and the almira which in the front of you consider as the hard drive now you want to process the data  but your hand range to inough to reach at the corner of the desk , agreed now the object which is located at the table consider as data now guys data which is near to processor which easily access as compare data at the corner because it take time to come into processor and then access

So that this explains that if 8 GB ram will perform better why we should go for 32gb

Yes I will consider that due to mordenisation you will update your gadgets but think little that in what case we will get better performances

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