Android 8.0 Oreo-Android Oreo top features and updates

  • Google has launches latest Android update which it name as word 8.0 which is further update from Android naugat to 7.0. Android Oreo is not much different as compared to the Nobel but a lot of changes  Indira Android Oreo, Google set that it will give you up better experience and smooth performance in there Android Oreo let’s start with the first update of Android Oreo.
  • Open wonder:- This this will give you a 50% faster boot up of your phone then other Android as compared to Android nougat to Marshmallow, your phone will put up faster if you reviewed over switch off your phone
  • Background apps:- Google said that the Android Oreo will monitoring all the background apps which are run in your phone they will collect information from the app for example what is app, what is the feature of app, you will notice that the breakup app which is running in your phone will use your phone resources very badly Google said that Android Oreo will help you to improve your performance and work quickly and better life will be improved.
  • Picture in picture:- Google said that Android Oreo will allow you to see two apps at once, it like a super strength and look like as laser experience. It is not much changed in Android Android nougat you will notice that in Android no but you will run two apps instantly same as Android Oreo but now there will be in large scale in this Android Oreo.
  • Notification dot:- Google said that you have seen on notification tone in your home screen apps for example if you got any type of notification in your Instagram app it will show on right top corner a small dot which you can press long and you see you are notification in the app.
  • Talk about life saver:- Google said that you got a better battery experience whether you are talking, playing, working and streaming you can feel confident about keep your battery strong and full of life. Normally Google will perform very good in there battery life session for example Android nougat is much better battery saver then Marshmallow so that you got better battery life in Android Oreo.
  • Setting change:- Google said that you will go to simple and effective settings and become more simplified to you to use.
  • Play protect:- you have notice in every Android devices that Google can give you a play protector application in their Android safe Google said that in Android Oreo it worked to your device and and save your data from any miss happening app by scanning over 50 billion app per day even the one you have not installed yet.
  • Autofill:- Google said that Android Oreo will help you in autofill for example if you login in any Twitter account you just login again and again you are a login retail Android Oreo help you to remember your login detail and and autofill your detail and save your login time.            

    Google gave you a lot of changes in the Android Oreo examples you got a new Emojis is change your icon shape or size and it will give a lot of changes so important but I have discussion in your above.


    Google said that you will get update in Google pixel, or Nexus device or you can see this update in a flagship device is like Samsung Galaxy 8 or Galaxy s8 +you will say that this update in also in oneplus 5 LG phones but if we talk about the mid range phone it might not be possible in one month it will take much more time because me trade phone will not completely take update of Android nougat so it is not possible for mid range phone that it will take update in 2 months.

    This all test will be performed in Google pixel device and Google sure that your device will become more smarter than before.

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Food as a substrate for microorganisms

The interactions between microorganisms, plants and animals are natural and constant . The economical role of microorganisms and their importance in all the geochemical cycle in nature is well documented .Since the human supply consist basically of plants and animal or products derived from them, it is understandable that our food supply can contain microorganisms in interactions with foods.

in most of the cases microorganisms used for food supply as a source of nutrients for on growth.This, of course, can result in deterioration of the food. By increasing their numbers, utilising nutrients, producing enzymatic changes,and contributing of flavour by mean of breakdown of product or synthesizers new compounds they can spoil the food. This is normal consequence of the action of microorganisms, since one of their function is natural is convert reduced form of carbon ,nitrogen and sulphur in dead plants and animals to oxidize the form required by the plant, which which in turn are consumed by animals.So to prevent this we can minimise the contact between micro organisms and foods and also eliminate microorganisms from our house or at least I just conditions of storage to prevent the growth.

When the microorganisms involved are pathogenic, again we attempted to prevent the entrance or a growth in our food or eliminate them by processing.

Interactions between micro organisms and sour foods are sometimes beneficial as exemplified by the menu of the cultured products consume and enjoyed.

What what are the governing factor in these interactions?Why is this interaction beneficial at some time and not at others? Why awesome foods very stable in regard to microbial deterioration?Food is the  substrate, type of microorganism present and environment condition also important.However, the food or substrate dictates one can make predictions about the microbial Flora that may develop.

A knowledge of the factors that favour or inhibit the growth of microorganism is essential to an understanding of the principles of the food spoilage and preservation.The chief composite ational factor of food that influences the microbial activity or hydrogen ion concentration, moisture, oxygen reduction potential, nutritional requirements, and presence of inhibitory substance or barriers.

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What is DDR2,DDR3,DDR4 RAM -explain in detailed.

Hello guys, today i will come with new topic  WHAT IS DDR2,DDR3 and DDR4?

Guys you will quite confuse that what is it ? let me tell you first this the generation of RAM
 SO let us start a topic you will quit confuse that what is it i will let use you above that this is generation of ram ,just like processor generation i3,i5,i7 etc . If i want to explain this i will able to explain you but i work hard and make it easy to you ,Guys your first question is which faster DDR (double data rate ) as simple as that DDR4 is more powerfull than of all DDR3 and DDR3 is more power full than DDR2 and DDR2 is more powerful than DDR1 .
I today world normally you got DDR3 in your computer and mobile phones normally DDR2 is not available in today world moreover if you want make your DDR4 you will do it but normally DDR3 is common in mid range mobile and computers . But in the case of flagship smart phone or high end smart phone they consist DDR4 in it in phone DDR is know as LPDDR (low power double data rate).
The difference between these is that every new generation new technology is introduce and the size of the transistor will reduces ,more reduce in size ,more will be that speed and less will be the power consumption . Means that DDR2 have big size less speedy and DDR3 is more speedy and small is size moveover DDR4 is more power than DDR3 and small in size .If i will give you example that where the limit of DDR3 is finish DDR4 limit is start .In DDR4 technique we should convert 256GB to 512GB into single chip of RAM.
The question is arises that whether DDR3,DDR2 is bad to use in your pc ?
Answer is no ,normally will tell you about that normally DDR3 is used in today world ,come to main point that if you use high frequency DDR3 in it will work as compare to normal DDR3 for ex. if you use 800 megahertz and you will convert it into 1080 megahertz DDR  definitely 1080 DDR will perform better than 800 DDR (i will talk about only for computers not for mobile because you cannot change ram in it ) that is the way you will convert normal DDR to high performance DDR .
In DDR  you will heard the term dual channel for example one pc 8 GB ram and another have 2 ram 4,4 GB and questioning you that which pc have faster ram i will answer that is 2ram of 4, 4 GB for ex. you have tank have one tap and another tank have two tap in which case water will finished first your answer is second tank with two tab i will give you another example that you have tank of 1000 litre have one tap time taken to finish it about 10 min and you have another tank of 500 ,500 litre both have one tap they will finish all water in 5 min in second case you will have notice that quantity is same but output is more it is same in the case of dual channel technique .this is some of that way in which you will convert your pc into super pc .
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The Biggest Memory Problem Solved!!!!! why we get 29.8GB from 32GB pendrive, memory card ? where that memory goes ? Explained!!!!!!!

Hello guys , Today I will come with new interesting topic i think so most important topic that is about the memory in hard drive memory cards pen drive  let’s start this interesting topic

 Guys you will buy different type of storage device for ex. you buy a 32gb pendrive you have notice the storage of that device in mobile phones and computer that 29.8 gb or you get 64gb pendrive you will get  less storage  if talk about the mobile phone ram that is also show less memory moreover if we talk about the hard drive if it is 500gb you will get 460,470 gb is available to use the question is arises that where was the that storage go?

Guys you will listen from your friends ,teacher or any expert that, that storage is for system driver or for any important files or any type of computer software but you will absorb that you cannot get satisfactory answer today i will give knowledge about this topic so tune with topic.

Guys we will study in school that ,

8bit=1 byte

1024 bytes=1kb




and so on…

guys you notice that 24,24 come repeatedly if we should multiply 24×24 you get random number. Manufacture will do that they will ignore the 24,24 series  and according to them storage units are

8bit=1 Byte

1000 Bytes=1Kb




and so on….

Guys you will notice that they not consider 24 series but in first case OS operation is performed or whole world will follow and in second case it show how the manufacturing is performed ,lets us we check the difference between both cases .

let us consider a 32 gb pendrive you will get 29.8 gb in it .



In above photo i shall solve the 32GB storage by mathematically to show you that how the manufacturers manufacture any memory card pen drive ram etc .

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More RAM or better RAM ?Are we thinking right?? # Explained

Hello guys, I will come with new topic that is more RAM or better RAM?Stay tune with me .

Guys in today world we shall talk about the smart phones computers it’s battery backup features apps software and RAM etc. RAM is a thing which is easily understandable like 1GB,2Gb,3GB etc and we take decisions on basis of their numbers for example RAM we should think that more will be the ram better will be the performances normally people take decisions on this number.

Guys take time and think whether be will need more RAM means in your practical work whether you need the more RAM for example you want to build the computer for gaming and almost all games will played in 8GB RAM but no we need the best we need 32Gb RAM etc but guys take a time to think whether the 8GB RAM or 32gb RAM will create any type of differences answer is no for example

You will sitting around desk and consider as you will the processor and desk consider as RAM and the almira which in the front of you consider as the hard drive now you want to process the data  but your hand range to inough to reach at the corner of the desk , agreed now the object which is located at the table consider as data now guys data which is near to processor which easily access as compare data at the corner because it take time to come into processor and then access

So that this explains that if 8 GB ram will perform better why we should go for 32gb

Yes I will consider that due to mordenisation you will update your gadgets but think little that in what case we will get better performances

I think you will get my idea upon this topic think quiet logical before to take step

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10 Things You Should NEVER do On Your ANDROID Phone

Hello guys, today we should talk about this which is related to our android phones . I should tell you that not to do these these 10 things with your android devices let’s start the topic :-

  1. Installing apps from unknown sources :- Normally guys we should download the apks from unknown sources even we should search on google and download different apks from the websites . Yes it will gave sometime benefits that we should find paid apps free this websites but i should suggest you that not download apks from unknown sources, you should download the apks from google play store about 2 billions or more app are available in playstore which i think will cover all the apks you want.
  2. Killing apps from recent apps menu :- This things i think so many will doing with their android phone which is totally wrong ,You should notice that people will open their recent app menu and start killing recent apps via doing right,left,right,left we should think that by doing this we should increase our phones speed or our ram will make healthy and fast no guys this is totally wrong for ex. you should open the youtube and doing your work and tab to home button and clear from the recent apps and again you will open the app the will start from the beginning instead of increase the speed of your phone you will increase the load on your phone because the app will start from the beginning and take time to process and loading the data . So, stop doing to kill recent apps because android is smart to manage your ram it will done with teir own ways.
  3. Using an antivirus software :-Using of anti virus in the means you guys brought latest phone and you need antivirus in your phone means security of phone will become full tight guys take a break their is large difference in computers and android phones, yes you need antivirus in the computer because of various ransomwares that not mean you need any type of antivirus in your android phones but it also depend upon you that if you download apps from any trusted source you don’t need any type of antivirus in your phone .
  4.  Using battery saver :-Guys you will notice that many people will download the battery saver in their the android devices to increase their battery period in their daily use no guys this is totally wrong to use battery savers normally guys you know what is the function of battery saver it start killing your recent  apps decrease your phone brightness switch off your gps location which i think you will do it by your own you can use your inbuilt battery savers either to download battery saver .
  5. Installing fake apps :- Fake apps means people want to play gta 5 in their smart phones  for example your will not support fast charging but installing app will support fast charging and your did not support iris scanning but installing app will support iris scanning means anything ,make sure guys to download the these type of  apps because it wiil decrease your phone performance and these type of app will show to many ads in your phone so stay away from this apps .
  6. Clearing cache memory:-Guys you will notice that people will normally clean their cache memory means they required full clear memory in their phone no guy don’t do this type of silly work cache is memory which can save your processing data for ex you go  google map and search delhi to mumbai it will show you the routes save this memory into cache memory if again you want seach delhi to mumbai it will show you the routes which is saved from first search without any use of data or any processing .
  7. Trusting on fake messages:-Normally guys you will notice that different messages that by downloading this and this app you get free data or by registering on that you get golden bet whatsapp guys we aware of this type of messages it will increase their own bank balance with  you guys so stay away from this type of messages .
  8. Rooting without knowledge:- Guys you will notice that many people are doing rooting in their android device guys without knowledge about the rooting don’t do rooting to their devices no doubt rooting good thing but without knowledge of rooting do not take this step to became cool .
  9. Ignoring the permissions:- Guys you will notice that today our android device have feature to give or deny the permission of particular apps for example you will install any torch app in your android devices and app need location permission ,guys make sure that app you will install will need any type of permission for ex. torch need only flash permission it wouldn’t need any type of location permission  these type of apps will leaks your personal information and effect your normal life so be ware of these type of permissions.
  10. Not restart your device:- Guys do not restart your android device without any type of reasons .Today mobile phones are made for their long live and you will do more and more work without any type of retardation normally,guys you will listen that restart your device in one day no guys this is not true that you can restart your device everyday because it is not making any type of sense because today phone is made for our heavy usage yes you will restart your device in one time in week or month for their healthy use .

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How to track the lost phone ?How to track IMEI number ?what to do:-

Hello guys,you guys are very much confused the that to track your stolen phone ? what is IMEI number ?how to track it ?etc Today we shall talk about this topic …first of all guy I will tell you that IMEI number  is not only for the mobile,the device which is connected to any network will have own identity number eg.tablet,mobile,dongle etc. This number will give you identity of your device and you can it on the box, in the box, in the bill ,and you can find under the battery or,you can dial *#06# can get your IMEI number. Now guys think that you have lost your mobile in that case we should decided into two cases i.e firstly you have featured phone second you have smart phone .

Let us talk about first featured phone those which you can use as primary phone like Samsung guru Nokia 3310 etc,in that case you can’t do so much you just go to police station write fir and take duplicate Sim card or you get sim card without fir and all case it only depend upon the police efficiency.

In second case if you have Android device or ios device if you lost these type of  device what will you do?go to police station 👮 no guys just login in  Android device manager .

In this you got a three option :-

  1. Play sound :- IN this option your device will ring at max level no matter if your phone is on silent mood it will at max level and same in the ios device .
  2. Lock :- this option will help you to lock your device even if you have pattern or other security password .IT just lock your device as same in ios device .
  3.     Erase:- it will delete all your personal data from the phone in one click same in ios device .

If you guys get your phone go to the police with your IMEI number same step as featured phone if you don’t have IMEI number go to the Google dashbord and get your IMEI number and in ios device if you take BACKUP for iOS device from itune you get simple options to achieve your data  and IMEI number.

Now you guys think what is the purpose of IMEI number guys role of this number is just provide identity to your your we can’t track it ,every phone have different IMEI number .
I hope you got idea how to track your Android and iOS device if you like it don’t forget to like it share it comment it

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