What is OEM and ODM ??? explained-Rebranded phone-copy product:-

Hello guys you have listen that not all companies will make their own product and not all companies are able to make all type of product for example sumsung ,apple a big market companies will not make own product in that case OEM and ODM come into introduce .

There will be a two make main concept oem and ODM for example if you want to make any type of product for example if I will want to make motherboard ,phone,ram,chip,etc but I have no factory or any material to make it I that case OEM companies come into play .these companies will work on our project and make a product for example me and my team want to make any product we should work on project and make design what type of specifications want in my product design etc we should test our all specifications in our labs but not practically we should only test test in computer programs for if we want to make chair we will give instructions to carpainter that what type chain we it have 4 leg , comfortable etc. same in OEM case calient will work on their idea and all type of search work on their project and go to the OEM company that will convert their search work into reality ….all type big market companies will do same for example foxconn is the OEM of apple ,blackberry etc.

ODM in the case of odm calient have an idea but not any type of research work ,design etc calient will go to the odm company  in chaina give their idea and ODM company will give you a list phone which is related to your idea calient will select phone from the list ,and give oder to odm to make this phone with this company logo …all type small market companies will do the same go to odm take phone from the list and paste their logo and publish their phone in common market .for example carbon phone ,miromax phone are mostly prepared by the odm companies ……

I think guy you will got the idea about what odm and oem this is quite difficult to explain what I think I can explain it properly …. thanks for readying like it share it comment it …



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All over the world their are many MYTHS about technology main reason of is not complete knowledge about technology these 7 myths which is should heard the most are following :-

1)More cores=faster processor

In today world our phone become very strong  contain dual core ,hexa core  penta core etc. People have MYTHS that more core have more power or more frequency have more strong phone this all wrong this not true this all myths for example Apple one of  the famous company in the world use A9 ,A10 processor which contain dual core ,tri core processor and get defeated your phone .This case is same in the computer processor because it depend upon case to case .

2)More size=better vedio quality

This is another MYTHS in people that more vedio size is equal to better vedio quality no guy!! It also depend case to case in different devices it depend upon the type of encoding is done ,what is the source of file etc ,and most important that vedio quality does not depend upon the resolution of the vedio so make sure before downloading from Internet.


Guys this is also very common MYTHS in people that using your phone on petrol pump will causes fire no guys this no true is rule is started then mobile in beta form what now,our phone becomes too smart ..their will we no fire if you phone on petrol pump ,moreover if your phone get busted on petrol pump that will causes fire but most time it is all about the MYTHS

This is most popular MYTHS that if your got gorilla glass their will be no scratches on your phone no guys this not true yes I agreed that gorilla glass is more stronger than other glasses and less scratches than other but don’t think so that if you got gurrila glass you got no scratches on our phone if want to test just grab sand on your phone your got idea about that …


This is also another MYTHS which popular among the people that use of phone in aeroplane will cause crash the plane no guys this not true people think so that if we use phone in plane their will be disturbance in radio system of plane and it get crashes no guy this Is not true ever I not switch off the phone while travelling in planes because both are different thing .


This another myth which is very popular in people that if your phone got not mah battery you got best battery backup no guy this is not true yes I will agreed that more mah means more capacity but more mah battery means more battery backup no this is wrong it depend upon case to case that but type of processor is used in your phone what type of hardware is used in your phone etc .


This is also not popular in people that if phone contain dolby atmos you got high quality sound no guy this also wrong it depend upon the source ,speakers, headphone ,phone quality etc.

I hope you guys got idea about these MYTHS.. Thanks for reading like it, share it