New iPhone 8 leaked renders allegedly show finalized design

Hello guys, today I am come with tech news of your favourite smartphone that is apple iPhone 8 .There is a humorous renders will come related to the iPhone 8. But now finalize design of Apple iPhone 8 is leaks out this infirmation I will collect from the apples supply chain check out this pictures .

The 5.8-inch OLED screen’s bezels will be around 4mm on all sides, to make the iPhone 8 less prone to accidental input from the palm in which it’s held than Samsung’s latest flagships.

The render of the bottom edge confirms that the 3.5mm headset jack won’t make a return in this smartphone, and the Lightning port lives on (at least for now). The iPhone 8’s charging cable could have USB-C at the other end, however. This might bring along fast charging for the first time in an Apple handset. And that may very well be a must, since the battery will apparently best the iPhone 7 Plus‘ endurance, despite the fact that the iPhone 8 will be physically smaller.

The stereo setup using a combination of the bottom speaker and an amplified earpiece will make an appearance in the new iPhone too. 

There will be many rumoured that where the apple put their fingerprint scanner?  first of all their is rumoured that Apple would put there fingerprint scanner in the screen where the home button is available but quantum told that will not able to make in that they will research on that so they decline that they will come with their technology in late 2018 it means that they will release there fingerprint scanner in there’s screen in 2018. But the renders will come and say that apple can put there fingerprint scanner in there Apple logo moreover it can put their fingerprint scanner in the back panel of the iPhone but it look very weird to look. But the picture will leak from the resources will reveal this mystery That elongated power button will give us idea that apple will put there finger print scanner in power switch so that apple should plan that will put their fingerprint scanner but this is not confirm whether they will put fingerprint scanner in power button or Iris scanner but it is clear that the iPhone 8 is the flagship phone of Apple and one of the stylish phone in the world and it will get a lot of market in world.

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